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Escape Stüberl Booking

Discover the secret of Oachkatzlbräu!

Your team has to enter the Escape Stüberl, find its way to the brewery and brew the best beer of the world! And then steal it! Be careful! You are trespassing! You have one hour before the situation becomes too risky.

Please select the date and time of your choice. You can pay on the spot by cash or online during the booking using your credit card or PayPal account. After a successful booking you are going to receive a confirmation email with the most important info.

The price depends on the number of participants:

In case of 2 members: 86€/Group NEW!!!Special offer! Now available for 78 €/Group
In case of 3 members: 108€/Group
In case of 4 members: 120€/Group
In case of 5 members: 135€/Group
In case of 6 members: 150€/Group

Lost Island and Escape Stüberl played parallel in two groups:

In case of 6 members: 216€/Group
In case of 7 members: 228€/Group
In case of 8 members: 240€/Group
In case of 9 members: 255€/Group
In case of 10 members: 265€/Group

For spontaneous bookings simply call us. Tel.: +4989 461 35743/ +49 160 92163672
(Free room is not guaranteed, best time for call between: 11-17)