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Escape Stueberl
Lost Island

Escape Stüberl

Munich is the capital of beers and breweries in Germany. The six big breweries are well known from all around the world and they brew delicious beer traditionally according to the “German Beer Purity Law” formulated in Bavaria in 1516. The breweries play an important role in the daily city life, not only during the Oktoberfest. But...

...a new little brewery, the Oachkatzlbräu appears out of nowhere, and their secretly brewed beer is getting more and more popular and they seem to threat this idyllic traditional picture! What is the secret of the Oachkatzlbräu Brewery? What makes their beer so tasteful and delicious?

The 6 six breweries hire You and your team to break in into the main pub of the Oachkatzlbräu brewery ,in the “Escape Stüberl”, running just next to the factory. Your team has to enter the pub, find its way to the factory and brew the best beer of the world! And then steal it! Hidden clues will help you through the tasks but be careful! You are trespassing! You have one hour before the situation becomes too risky.

The Oachkatzlbräu Escape Stüberl gives a great entertainment from 2 up to 5 players. Guaranteed gift for every successful team! Be ready

Lost Island

Lost syndrome. Your plane crashed into the soft sand of a tropic island. You and your little team are the only survivors and you have to find your way out from this deserted island. Wait… Is it REALLY deserted? The radio is there but still not working. You try to fix it and get some help before the sun goes down and you will get deeper experience... The Tropic Island is being designed to give the experience of a more and more urged need to live the site of the accident. 

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